MDF | Photo by @jessweymouth_ Watercolor artist Jess Weymouth (@jessweymouth_) uses he…


Photo by @jessweymouth_
Watercolor artist Jess Weymouth (@jessweymouth_) uses her art to honor the earth. “I am constantly reminded by Mother Earth’s ability to use something as tiny as a honeybee or as big as our moon to tell her stories,” says Jess, who lives and paints in Long Beach, California. “As an artist with a background in biological science, I feel a deep ache to teach others about how we can play a positive role in our ecosystem, and bring awareness to the issues of environmentalism — all while using eye-catching colors and illustrations that inspire and remind us of the beautiful planet we are here to care for.”
Today on our story, screenshot and share Jess’ drawing templates inspired by the natural world. What’s her own dream landscape? “Right now, it’s sitting in front of a campfire next to giant sequoia trees, roasting marshmallows and looking up at the constellations.” 🏕

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