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Photo by @lulusdreamtown
German food photographer and stylist Luisa (Lulu) Gaffga (@lulusdreamtown) turned her passion for vegan food into a profession. But today, her Instagram account is equals parts delicious and colorful recipes and messages of self-love. “I think self-love is one of the most important things on this earth,” says 19-year-old Lulu. “Not enough people do it or have it. And I’m just like, can we please stop? Can we just please love ourselves and each other and just support each other? I think it’s really important that we support each other no matter what gender we are, no matter what sexuality we are, or religion or where we are from.”
Lulu uses her voice to promote self-love. Share your story to inspire others by using the hashtag #SupportHER. See more from Lulu on our story and IGTV.

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