MDF | Photo by @semsithepathfinder “I’ve been fashion-conscious my entire life,” says …


Photo by @semsithepathfinder
“I’ve been fashion-conscious my entire life,” says 14-year-old fashion entrepreneur Semsi Salvino (@semsithepathfinder), who, when he’s not in school, runs his own business of reselling vintage clothes and is working on a collection of gender-neutral streetwear.
“When I was younger, I was less courageous with my fashion choices and would normally stick to neutral colors and basic streetwear items,” says Semsi. “But from my reselling business, I began to get more adventurous with my fashion, and I started mixing high fashion items with streetwear and experimenting with different colors. I hope that I can prove to people that it’s okay to stand out, and that you are never too young to pursue your dream.”
Watch our story to see some of Semsi’s favorite streetwear looks.

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