MDF | Photo of @coreymaison and @st0rmryan by @jasonrodgersphoto Jason Rodgers (@jason…


Photo of @coreymaison and @st0rmryan by @jasonrodgersphoto
Jason Rodgers (@jasonrodgersphoto) knew he wanted to be a photographer the minute he picked up a camera at 14. “It was just instantaneous,” remembers Jason, who’s now 35 and based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2010, Jason struck out on his own as a photographer, but previously worked at a number of publications including Out Magazine. “I loved working at Out, because it really brought me into the queer, gay, lesbian, trans community a lot more,” he says.
Recently, Jason created portraits of five young leaders of the LGBTQ community who were surprised with their role models IRL. “The pairings were just two people who really vibed off of each other,” he explains. “They found space outside of knowing the other person — which is what everybody said about Instagram: I didn’t have to meet these people to be inspired by them. I just had to look at their Instagram.” As for Jason’s role models? Film director Larry Kramer, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, author Jean Houston and the one and only RuPaul. To celebrate #Pride2018, mention your #RoleModel in your stories, and share how they inspire you.
Check out our story to see more from our shoot with Jason in NYC.

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