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Photos by @sarahyltonphoto
“I’m immediately drawn to people who are pushing up against barriers and boundaries,” says Canadian photographer Sara Hylton (@sarahyltonphoto), whose degree in international conflict and gender studies led her to focus on telling stories of women, conflict and underrepresented voices around the world. “What inspires me the most is seeing people, especially women, thrive in situations or places that the world doesn’t know about or has given up on.” These places and communities include ones close to home — both in her native province of Saskatchewan, and where she currently lives, in Mumbai.
For Sara, the most magical photos come from portraiture. “I hold my camera at my heart,” she says, “so I’m looking directly at somebody when I’m taking pictures of them. The most inspiring moment is when I feel a connection — when I feel their heart and my heart, and there’s nothing that’s really between us.” ❤️ Today on our story: see some of Sara’s photographs from her work with Mumbai’s hijra, or third gender, community.

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