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Video by @maayan.zilberman
Maayan Zilberman (@maayan.zilberman) describes herself as an artist first, and a candymaker second. “I didn’t go to culinary school, and I’m not a food person. I’m much more interested in art,” says Maayan, who runs her candy business, Sweet Saba, in New York City. “A lot of what I do is about chemical reactions and experimenting with materials. And that’s what’s furthered my career over and over — it’s about curiosity.” Maayan makes her candy into shapes like crystals, ornate rings and old-school cassette tapes by pouring melted sugar into molds she carves herself, adding drops of flavor and hand-painting the set forms. “My fascination with sweets and candy is about what they represent for people, what reactions kids have to it or how it’s sort of forbidden,” she says. “I’m interested in changing peoples’ perceptions of something that is very two-dimensional.” Watch our story for a look inside Maayan’s studio and candy-making process. 🍭


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