MDF | Video by @nellysnose Hello, world! Meet Nelly (@nellysnose), a 5-year-old golden…


Video by @nellysnose
Hello, world! Meet Nelly (@nellysnose), a 5-year-old golden retriever who can balance just about anything on her nose. “The balancing act grew out of basic sit-and-stay training,” says Nelly’s human, Terry, a retired pediatric nurse. “Occasionally, I would add a prop: veggies from the garden, small toys and, of course, the ever-ready stick. Nelly took to our game immediately. She loves it.”
The trick is in the treat — enticing Nelly to show off her skills with a special snack. “If Nelly is willing, she can balance,” says Terry. “She has balanced a small sewing machine, a watermelon, helmets, a raw egg, wind-up teeth and, her personal best, 50 Pringles potato chips.” #WeeklyFluff
Watch our story to see what else Nelly can balance on that talented nose. Good girl, Nelly!


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