What To Expect From Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Fear of the walking dead
Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is officially happening, but when will it release and what can people expect? AMC officially ordered Fear the Walking Dead season 5 in July 2018, shortly before Fear the Walking Dead returned for the second half of season 4. And considering everything that happened in the previous season, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is going to be quite interesting.

In more ways than one, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 for the series. In the span of one season, Fear the Walking Dead lost its main character, Madison (Kim Dickens), and another original cast member, Frank Dillane, who played Madison’s son, Nick. Only a small chunk of the season 3 cast was present for most of season 4. The main cast of Fear the Walking Dead season 4, therefore, was mostly made up of new people, including The Walking Dead crossover character, Morgan (Lennie James), who joined with Althea (Maggie Grace), John (Garrett Dillahunt), and June (Jenna Elfman). In the back half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4, another handful of characters joined Morgan’s group.

In the Fear, the Walking Dead season 4 finale, Morgan’s group finally defeated the main villain of the season, Martha (Tonya Perkins). Instead of moving on and resuming their journey to Virginia, they decided to continue what Polar Bear started by working together and helping people in need. Will, that change in Fear the Walking Dead season 5?


Fear the Walking Dead typically airs immediately after the latest season of The Walking Dead wraps. However, The Walking Dead season 9 concluded on March 31 and Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will premiere on June 2, 2019- over two months later. Since that means that there’s a shorter period of time before The Walking Dead returns, this reduces the number of weeks that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will be on the air but not the number of episodes. It could be a last-ditch effort to improve ratings for the series by keeping up the pace.


Joining the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 cast is Austin Amelio’s Dwight, thus making him the second Walking Dead crossover character after James’ Morgan. The former Savior left The Walking Dead at the end of season 8 when Daryl warned him never to return. It appears that Dwight took Daryl’s warning seriously and is now searching for his wife, Sherry. Though story details for Fear the Walking Dead season 5 have been kept under wraps, it’s expected that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will pick up with Morgan’s group focusing more on helping people than simply surviving.

Since Fear the Walking Dead isn’t based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics, the story is always an original one; therefore, it can go in whichever direction the writers and producers choose. However, it’s worth noting that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will also be revisiting the past, as Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar and Daniel Sharman’s Troy Otto are both expected to return despite being missing and presumed dead in season 4.


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